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The Right Coverage for Empty Nesters

Every parent with grown children, whether single or married, has unique insurance needs. When unexpected situations occur, insurance policies tailored to empty nesters can protect you and your valuable assets such as homes, property, vehicles, works of art, animals, etc., that would be costly to repair or replace on your own.

At B & B Insurance Agency, we work with empty nesters like you across Pennsylvania and can help you determine the best coverages to match your current stage of life.

As independent agents, our agents have access to an array of insurance companies. Rather than purchasing insurance through one provider, our team can evaluate your needs and seek out the best policies within your budget.

Common Types of Insurance for Empty Nesters

Once your children move out and become independent adults, it’s time to evaluate any necessary and beneficial changes to your insurance policies. Click on the type of insurance you’re interested in learning more about below and contact our team at B & B Insurance Agency to review your policies and discuss any changes that would better fit your current stage of life as an empty nester.

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