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The Right Coverage for Single Adults

Your insurance policies should be selected based on your unique lifestyle, assets, and hobbies, as well as any unexpected events that could lead to large, unplanned expenses. At B & B Insurance Agency, we work with single adults like you in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to determine the coverage that will best protect against unforeseen events, such as theft, fire, health issues, or an inability to work due to an injury or illness.

As independent insurance agents, we have access to multiple insurance providers and can search the market for you to find the right deals that suit your needs and budget. Unlike buying insurance directly from a large insurance company, we get to know you and your needs and will recommend insurance coverage that is right for you.

Common Types of Insurance for Single Adults

Explore the different types of insurance you may need as a single adult by clicking on any of the policy types below. Our team at B & B Insurance Agency is available to speak with you and offer guidance regarding which insurance coverages are right for your specific needs and budget.

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